Secure Off-site Document Storage

The need for storage of documents at a secure off-site facility has increased with the rise in real estate costs over the past years. Companies are searching for ways to become more efficient and increase productivity, while reducing overhead expenditures. Data Armor TX provides secure records storage, fast pickup and delivery, easy access and destruction of documents that are past their expiration date for small growing companies to mid-size and large corporations.

Data Armor TX’s secure off-site storage solutions provide these benefits and services:

  • Secure Records Storage
  • Fast Pickup and delivery
  • Document management dating (destruction dates and shredding)
  • Multiple levels of filing to categorize file identification
  • Our offices and records warehouse facilities are monitored by professional security companies as well as local fire and police departments.
  • Our facilities are secured by motion sensors, heat sensors, entry point security and video surveillance.
  • Two different fee structures to fit your needs

Fee Schedules

Pay as you go fee schedule

  • Our pay as you go fee structure is designed for those who are looking for secure storage without the need of frequent access or services. Each service is priced individually allowing customers to only pay for those services that are needed.
  • Ideal for customers with less frequent retrieval and refile requirements.
  • We do not charge for initial set up, data entry and inventory.
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All inclusive Fee Schedule

  • Our all-inclusive fee structure is designed to include all the services needed for secure storage of your documents without the need to understand complicated fee schedules.
  • Data Armor TX’s All-inclusive fee schedule has no hidden fees.
  • We do not charge for initial transfer in of documents, data entry, inventories, individual file pulling, routine pickup and delivery or exit fees.
  • Includes the following services within the monthly fee: Initial set-up, retrievals, refiles, pickups, deliveries, monitoring, tracking, and recycling.
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