Document Imaging and Scanning

Your office can quickly become a document storage warehouse if your not careful and have a document management plan in place to organize, retain and destroy your business records. If you’re still looking through rows of filing cabinets or digging through the file boxes to find important documents, you’re falling behind your competition. Storing and working with paper files is one of the largest hidden costs that businesses and professionals face.

Data Armor TX specializes in scanning sensitive and confidential company documents. Imaging and archiving documents and records eliminates lost or misplaced documents.

Benefits of Scanning Documents

  • Instantly retrieve, email, print & distribute important documents
  • Security from internal and external threats
  • Compliance with Privacy laws (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley Act, FACTA, etc.)
  • Eliminate storage costs and reclaim valuable office space
  • Compliance with statutory record-keeping requirements
    Converting files and creating off-site back-ups protects your critical information in the event of fire, natural disaster, theft or vandalism.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) gives you the ability to search through documents to find the information you need easily
    Enhanced security – Access can be restricted using password protection and encryption.

Benefits of Outsourced Document Scanning

  • Avoid having to buy expensive scanning hardware and software
  • No disruption of staff, employees can focus on their jobs instead of paying them to scan and index
  • Free up or eliminate office/storage space taken up by file cabinets and boxes
  • Quick turnaround, with our high speed scanners and software solutions, we can complete most projects within a week
  • Greater Accessibility: Images stored online centrally provides access by several users simultaneously, and is available 24/7.

The Document Imaging Process

  • Transport and Logging: Boxes or folders are logged when picked up, received or processed.
  • Preparation: Includes document batching, adding separator pages, preliminary indexing, removing paper clips, staples, post-it notes and attachments.
  • Document Scanning: Digital images of paper are captured.
  • Document Indexing: Bar codes and OCR are used to automatically enter data about the documents during scanning. Documents are manually indexed where automation is not effective.
  • Quality Assurance: Scanned images are checked for quality prior to scan, during scanning and post-scan to verify images are clean and those that aren’t legible are re-scanned.