About Us

Data Armor TX, LLC is a woman owned information security, destruction and management company, located in Austin, Texas. We provide services, which include, secure document and data destruction (paper and hard drive destruction), secure document storage, document scanning, and recycling programs. These services are needed by most every business, small, medium and large, to comply with current laws and regulations. At Data Armor TX, we understand the challenges of running a business successfully. The importance of information (Intel) management via proper destruction, security, and retention is paramount in the world we live in today. We are committed to providing the most secure and cost effective way to protect your company, employees and customers from identity and information theft. Surprisingly, even with so much business being done over the internet, most identity thief occurs because of information on paper documents that are simply thrown in the trash. Data Armor TX can help you create a plan to put armor around your companies intelligence. We can help you design a thorough document management plan and then help implement that plan to ensure compliance and security of your private information while increasing productivity within your organization. This is all done in an environmentally sensitive way in conjunction with recycling programs to help do our part in saving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint. Let us help you get started today!